Ark Cross System

Ark Corner is an iPhone, iPad and iPod game. Ark does have cross system functionality nevertheless unfortunately not on all cellular platforms. Ark is solely cross platform for Xbox 360 console, and Windows Mobile as well. This means that you’ll not be able to play Ark on Playstation 3 or xbox or PC/ Xbox, leaving it just a certain amount of cross platform. Although it would have been good if the video game could have been supported on additional platforms, such as Xbox Live Arcade.

Ark Cross isn’t only a duck hunting your survival game but also a dinosaur hunting a single as well. Besides the dinosaurs you will see many pre-built habitat that you can set up the Ark and get it pre-activated so as you save it you can resume the previous conserve and continue where you left away. You will have a map on your telephone which will tell you the location of all the so-called dinosaurs if you happen to get lost in the mad. Unfortunately you will find no dinosaurs so this is known as a nice addition.

The game also has several different adjustments for you to choose out of, such as success, adventure, and challenges. The survival establishing is the one that I just find the most interesting because there is zero other puppy on the Ark except for both you and your pet survivor. And even then there are only three types of animals, which usually aren’t beneficial. The configurations are different enough that I never be bored, although at the Android rendition it limited my playing space to less than half a great inch. Other than that both editions seem to function similarly on all operating systems.

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