Swiss German is a center which offers qualitative and professional translation services in terms of document’s translation and interpretation, services that rely strictly on professional principles, advanced and specialized terminology for all profiles, such as: business and educational institutions, enterprise, public organs, Universities, commercial enterprises, hospitals, publishing houses, Banks, associations, Economic chambers, Court, Police, etc.


Swiss German provides professional solutions for your document translation and administrative difficulties. The professionalism and the 25 years of experience in the field of translation, 11 years of experience in the Swiss Embassy in Skopje, 5 years of experience in NATO and comprehensive cooperation with Swiss and Macedonian institutions, all this is a guarantee that Swiss German is the best choice for you. Visit us! All inquiries and consultations are free of charge..


With a dedicated staff and an extensive network of assistants, partners, qualified translators and interpreters, under the leadership of the founder Ismailaki Rexhepi.

Picture of Ismailaki Rexhepi

Ismailaki Rexhepi

Translator and interpreter for German, Macedonian, Albanian, and Italian language. Recognized and accepted translator in the Düsseldorf area of Germany.

Picture of Mursel Rexhepi

Mursel Rexhepi

Authorized Court translator and interpreter for Great Britain. National Register of Public Service Interpreters N.R.P.S.I., Institiute of Linguists M.C.I.L., Institute of Translators and Interpreters M.I.T.I. Mursel possesses Diploma for Public Service Interpreting.

Picture of Selvije Besimi

Selvije Besimi

MA in English language and literature, proofreader and translator from Macedonian into Albanian and English, and vice-versa.

Our associates have participated in meetings where interpretation was necessary. These meetings are of different types, such as business and trade meetings, tourism presentations, judicial proceedings, governmental presentations, science meetings, as well as defense proceedings in courts. We also have experience in interpreting for senior officials from Germany, Switzerland and Great Britain in their business trips in Macedonia, Albania and other Balkan countries. Swiss German cooperates and translates for the Courts and a list of Lawyers who operate in Great Britain, Germany, and Switzerland.

Associates of Swiss German have participated as interpreters in numerous conferences of State Seniors, Ministers, Chancellors, as well as other important placemen. For the professional contribution, the associates of Swiss German are awarded with a considerable number of prizes, diplomas and gratitudes.