We offer you the best translation service in town…

  • Certificates, adjudications, diplomas, medical reports, contracts, appeal/complaints, vehicle registration documents (all types), etc.
  • Completion of documents and forms for Embassies, arrange appointments at all Embassies, and consulting for procedures for family visas and other types of visas. 11 years of experience in the Swiss Embassy in Macedonia.
  • Preparation of necessary documentation for pensions from Switzerland, Germany, and other countries, as well as consultations for pension conditions.
  • Intercesion in enrollment procedures for registration in faculties and institutions abroad.
  • Draw documents from state institutions.
  • Interpretation in the wedding ceremonies with citizens from other countriesit.
  • Interpretation services during delegation visits from other countries in the region.
  • Consulting services for project writing in many languages.
  • Support in organizing different business events, such as conferences, trainings, workshops, etc. We also ensure preparation of documents for the same events.